Tablets Can Fill All Your Mobile Computing Needs

You might be curious as to what a tablet is and why you should buy one. A tablet is similar to a laptop because it basically fills all of your mobile computing needs. You will be able to surf the web, check emails and chat with friends without having to bring around a clunky laptop. While laptops are more mobile than a desktop computer, they can still be very bulky and annoying to bring with Continue Reading »

When A Netbook Is Better Than A Laptop

Netbooks offer a variety of ways to browse the web and check your email. They are especially helpful if you must go out of town. A netbook is much lighter than a laptop, allowing it to be taken to more places and stored more conveniently for travel. However, netbooks lack some of the potential power a laptop can offer. If you just need a computer to check emails while you are away from home, then a netbook might be the right choice for you.

Laptops are generally heavier and bulkier Continue Reading »

All In One Computers Vs. Traditional Desktops

Computers that are already put together can be a great thing for people that do not have much computer knowledge. These computers come equipped with everything you need right out of the box. This is great for someone that doesn’t know exactly what they need from their computer. This kind of computer also has many software programs already loaded onto the computer. This saves time and energy for people that don’t know exactly what programs they need or want.

Building your own computer Continue Reading »

Top Software Concepts from CES

Top Software Concepts from CES

CES ended in January and the verdict is out regarding software development. Most consumer electronics experts were not very satisfied about software exhibits this year. However, some applications caught the attention of experts.

With a mobile app, consumers can control their watering of plants by using the Bluetooth-based device FlowerPower. For car owners, Chevy MyLink allows drivers to program apps through a smartphone-like layout for certain actions to prevent distractions while on the road. Consumers can protect their home through a smartphone-controlled alarm system, iSmart Alarm.

With 4G internet through CLEAR internet service, users can download the app TLDR (short for “too long, did not read”), which provides simplified, easy-to-read news from current headlines. Thus, TLDR can simplify the content from The Wall Street Journal for a quick grasp of business and financial news.

For iPad owners, MindMeld allows users to extract information from keywords based on conversations during chatting.

Number lovers will enjoy MyScript Calculator, which is an app that allows users to enter equations freehand and delivers solutions. For example, enter “2x 4 = 10″ into MyScript Calculator to see the result.

Some of the software from CES will function best with wireless internet.

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The Latest and Greatest Computer Security Features

People run their lives from their computers now, and most of the information that they are accessing is private. Since no one wants hackers to be able to get access to their bank accounts, credit cards or email passwords, it is important that computers have security features to keep the wrong people out.

One of the ways that computer manufacturers are now ensuring that only owners can log into a PC is with fingerprint identification. On many new computers, instead of Continue Reading »

Office Suites: Open Source or Commercial?

For the longest time Microsoft had the market cornered on Office Suite Software; however, in the last few years MS Office has been seeing some competition from Open Office and Google Docs. Both allow users to create word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentation projects.

In addition to being able to do practically everything that MS Office can do, Open Office and Google Docs are free. That being the case, you may wonder why anyone uses MS Office anymore since they have to pay for it. There are two main reasons: support and compatibility.

If you Continue Reading »

The Latest Photo Printer Technology Out There

If you are looking to print photographs, you no longer need to go to a local photo development center, just to obtain pristine looking prints. There are exceptional printers available for home use which all produce great looking copies. Of course, there are different kinds and formats, which makes it important to know the difference between all the different laser photo printing devices you can purchase for the house.

If you just want a small, 5×7 photograph, there are smaller printers that work just for this purpose. This Continue Reading »

Printers: Choosing Between Laser, Inkjet, Or All-In-One

If you are in the market for a printer, you may be overwhelmed by your options. However, printers all fall into one of three categories: inkjet, laser and all-in-one. To help you chose the best printer for you, here is some information.

Inkjet printers are most commonly purchased when color printing is needed. These printers are not as fast as laser printers, but they are usually less expensive. However, while the printer itself is cheap, ink can be very costly, especially on high quality photo prints.

Laser printers are normally used for black and white Continue Reading »

Do You Really Need More RAM?

If you notice that your computer seems to be slowing down, computer repair stores may suggest that you purchase more RAM. RAM is a part of how fast your computer runs, but not having enough RAM is not always the reason that your computer is running slow.

Viruses, spyware and too many programs running at the same time can all cause your computer to slow down. While purchasing additional RAM may help these things in the short term, you will end up seeing your computer Continue Reading »